Affordable high-quality and nutritious foods

Wide selection and variety

Eden cultivates partnerships with many local and global purveyors to offer an immense variety of natural and organic foods, naturally raised meats and poultry, specialty foods, ethnic foods, and fair trade products. We are a longstanding and trusted source for a broad range of 100% certified organic foods and products, including many hard-to-find groceries from independent small-scale artisanal producers. 

At Eden, you will find many specialty foods such as local and vegan cheeses, high-quality chocolate, organic specialty coffee, truffle oil, royal jelly, bee pollen and propolis, sea vegetables and seaweed, among many others.

Eden is also a trusted source for high-quality vitamins, natural supplements, probiotics, and protein and nutritional shakes.




Organic juices and speciality beverages

Eden proudly stocks numerous brands of organic juices, local kombucha and cold-pressed organic juices, premium coconut water, dairy milk alternatives (soy, almond, rice, coconut, etc.) and specialty beverages such as organic fruit sodas and sparkling water, ginger beer and acai juice.

Asian produce and foods

Eden also specializes in Asian food products, with many organic Korean and Japanese groceries as well as Chinese products. We offer a broad selection of Asian vegetables and mushrooms, tofu products, fresh and packaged noodles, frozen dumplings, snacks, teas, sauces and spices, and specialty foods such as umeboshi, natto and kimchi (including our house cabbage and daikon kimchi).

Organic and fair trade products

We also carry a wide range of organic whole foods and grains, vegan and vegetarian foods, gluten-free products, and fair trade products including organic breads, nuts and dried fruit, honey, maple syrup, oils, nut butters, chocolate, coffee, tea, herbs and spices, and many other kitchen staples.