Ready-to-Eat Counter

Prepared with the freshest ingredients

Eden’s culinary specialties

Eden is well known for its tasty and nutritious soups, salads, sushi and ready-to-eat meals prepared daily by our kitchen using the freshest ingredients. Our culinary team specializes in Korean cuisine and we also offer a wide range of vegan and vegetarian options.

Eden’s bakery offers foods and flavours from around the world, while the sandwich counter makes delicious sandwiches to order.



Pastries & Appetizers

  • Sweet Pastries Start your day with a fresh-baked pastry and organic fair trade coffee. Try our butter croissants, chocolatines, almond croissants and fruit danishes – all irresistible delicious treats.
  • Salads & Sides Eden prepares fresh and wholesome salads and vegetable sides every day. These include garden, Greek, tuna, chicken, chicory, kale, green beans, lentil, chickpeas and kidney beans, tofu, quinoa, seaweed, zucchini, spinach and carrot, among others.
  • Soups Try our delicious daily soups, many of which are vegetarian and vegan. Some favourite classics include: butternut squash and quinoa, chicken barley, vegetable barley, asparagus and quinoa, cauliflower and sweet potato, broccoli and kale, leek and potato, and coconut curry lentil.
  • Savoury Pastries The bakery offers spinach and feta rolls, vegetarian samosas, vegetable patties, and potato knishes – great appetizers, meal accompaniments and party snacks.


  • Made-To-Order Sandwich Visit Eden’s sandwich counter for a made-to-order sandwich on a kaiser, whole wheat or onion roll baked in-house, fresh baguette or pita. Favourites include our tuna, chicken, egg and crab/pollock salads, as well as the charcuterie options – turkey, ham and roast beef. Try our super popular vegetable burger or a vegetarian sandwich with all the fixings. All in all, Eden makes the best sandwich in town, according to our loyal clientele.


  • Italian Pizzas Try our delicious pizza offerings include tomato, spicy vegetables, artichokes and sundried tomatoes, zucchini and feta, grilled chicken, eggplant and goat cheese, spinach, bacon, and all dressed.

Sushi & Spring Rolls

  • Sushi & Spring Rolls Our fresh sushi includes an array of nigiri and maki rolls as well as vegan brown rice sushi. Our shrimp and vegetable spring rolls with peanut sauce are also healthy and delectable.

International Dishes

  • Korean specialties Our clientele have come to know and love our tasty and nutritious Korean specialties, which include bibimbap, jap chae, tonkatsu chicken, and tofu and vegetable fried rice, to name just a few.
  • Empanadas Our savoury Latin American turnovers include spinach and cheese, broccoli and cheese, three cheeses, chicken and potato, calzone, sausage, Mexican, and merguez.
  • Jamaican Patties These delicious curry-spiced pastries are filled with vegetables, chicken or beef.

Catering & Special Orders

  • Contact us at Eden offers catering and special orders for all occasions. Contact us at and let us help you come up with a tasty and nutritious menu that suits your event and budget.