The Market

Farm-fresh and local fruits and vegetables

A diversity of local and harder-to-find produce

At Eden, we take pride in carefully selecting and offering an impressively expansive variety of farm-fresh and local fruits and vegetables including premium quality organic produce. Our produce specialists visit markets and farms daily to purchase fresh produce, locally grown whenever possible.

In-season and year round, you’ll find many different varieties of tomatoes (organic medley, heirloom, cerizo, kumato and zima tomatoes to name just a few), greens and artisan lettuces such as dandelion and escarole, apples, pears, grapes, berries, mangoes, melons, squash, and root vegetables from local Quebec growers and other select farmers in Canada and beyond.

Eden also carries a diversity of harder-to-find produce such as green papaya, cactus pear, passion fruit (granadilla), star fruit (carambole), longan, fresh dates, cherimoya, chayote, taro, topinambour, yucca, and many other exotic fruits and vegetables from around the world.