About Eden

Your beloved local grocery store

Our Philosophy

At Eden, our mission is to provide our neighbourhood and community with the best grocery store experience, rooted in our commitment to provide natural and organic foods and fair trade products in support of good nutrition and healthy, sustainable lifestyles. We aim to support local growers, farmers and producers whenever possible and strive for a sustainable, Earth friendly approach in our store practices.

We are proud of our tradition of personal customer service and, above all, offering the best quality and diversity of produce and groceries at affordable prices.

Origins: Our story

Eden began as a modest little fruit and vegetable stand in 1982, in the basement of the Galeries du Parc mall near downtown Montreal. Newly married and arrived from Korea, Jong Soo Rha and Suk Choi set about sharing their knowledge and passion for health foods and fresh organic produce.

For any new business, long hours are par for the course, but this was also a labour of love. The Rhas viewed Eden as their sacred garden and took utmost care to select fresh, high-quality produce in season and year round, and make health foods more accessible and affordable. From these early days, quality, good prices and friendly customer service were top priorities. Their work ethic, warmth and integrity began to draw a growing clientele.

Within a few years, Eden moved to a small space of around 1,500 square feet on the main floor of the mall. With increasing public demand for health foods, the store gradually expanded to offer an ever-growing variety of natural and organic foods and groceries. Eden also began to specialize in Asian foods, stocking a wide selection of organic groceries from Korea and Japan.

Today, Eden has a staff of over 30 people and occupies 9,000 square feet on the main floor of Galeries du Parc. Our aisles are stocked with an impressive selection and variety of fine natural and organic foods, naturally raised organic and grass-fed meats, vegan and vegetarian foods, specialty foods, gluten-free foods, fair trade products, vitamins and natural supplements, skin and body care products, and other groceries. We take great pride in seeking out and stocking hard-to find products from local, independent and small-scale producers. We also strive to stay up-to-date on the latest health food discoveries and trends, such as smart foods and super foods, in order to provide the latest and healthiest groceries available on the market.

Our team

Our staff are passionate about food and sustainability. We are dedicated to stocking a wide selection of high-quality natural and organic foods and fair trade products and providing friendly and knowledgeable customer service.

We aim to help you find the food and groceries you seek – if you can’t find what you’re looking for at Eden, let us know and we’ll do our best to track it down and order it.